Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wale - Audio Interview

I'm feeling extra-cool right now. This interview from OnSmash says things that DDoff knows and the world doesn't. Shh, I can't tell y'all!

What up to Wale, D-Weis and the fam -- see y'all at Noisepop in a couple weeks.
If you wanna hear something by Wale, peep the right side of this page for the "Nike Boots" remix featuring Weezy F. Baby...

Pepsi Super Bowl Commercial

Shout-out to anybody I went to middle school with...

Kweli/Kanye Unreleased Track

An unreleased track by Talib (and produced by Kanye) got past me? I must be slipping in my old age.

Talib Kweli - Momma Can You Hear Me (prod. by Kanye West) [click here to download]

More Ringtone Rap

Another joint for the club and your iPhone. If Flo-Rida keeps getting R&B/pop stars to do his hooks, we're never gonna find out if dude's got any real spit.

Flo-Rida f/ Sean Kingston - Roll [click here to download]

New Hova? Naw...

This Jay-Z track leaked recently. A Timbaland production, the DJ says it's off an upcoming Blueprint 3 project - whoa.
But not so fast...MTV News says it's just a previously unreleased banger. Regardless, I'll take whatever Hov/Timbo collabs I can get.

Jay-Z - "Ain't I" [with DJ - click here to download]

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Be Kind Rewind - Trailer

Hearing great things about this flick, starring two of my personal faves. In theatres 2/22.

The Roots - Rising Down

And now this, from my former employers at Okayplayer:

In what will be the left-of-center hip hop event of he decade, The Roots latest album Rising Down is STACKED with guest appearances. In addition to crew regulars Dice Raw, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and yes, Malik B, confirmed guests include: Mos Def, Common, Kweli, Peedi Peedi, Styles P, Wale, Patrick Stump, Mercedes Martinez, Chrisette Michelle. Also rumored to appear are Q-Tip, Lupe Fiasco, and more.

Do I even need to express my down-ness? What up to the Okayplayer fam...

Hit me on my iPhone

See ya there...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Heard It Here First - Santogold

Santogold's been in the game for a minute, but now she's about to blow up. This song is one of many solid tracks to come.

Santogold - "L.E.S. Artistes" [click here to download]

I need a new title for these "hear it first" posts. Suggestions?

You Heard It Here First - Adele

Adele, like Duffy (see my earlier post here), is on that Amy Winehouse train of white-girl retro-soul goodness. This isn't the best song I've heard by her, but it's all I could find on the 'net for now. Check her MySpace page for more.

Chemical Brothers Remix

This remix to "Do It Again" was done by London's own Mowgli, hence the photo. If you like it, I recommend (gasp!) buying the original track - here's an iTunes link to the EP.

The Chemical Brothers - Boot It Again (Mowgli Mix) [click here to download]


I told ya'll haters last week this shit was dope.

Gnarls Barkley - "Run" [click here to download]

Also, peep the MTV News article on The Odd Couple.
Still can't get enough? Here's a new Billboard piece.
In stores April 8.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Pitchfork: Diplo Preps Many a Mad Decent Release, Tours

Story here. Hop on Dip's

When is the next Drumline sequel coming out?

Flashing Lights Atlanta Georgia Dome Battle of the Bands 1/26

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Nike Documentary on CNBC, 2/12 - So F'n Down.

UPDATE: Qtrax aims to offer iPod-friendly tracks

Man, fuck this shit. Peep the article from MSNBC here.

UPDATE: MTV says not so fast - majors have NOT granted them access. (MUA-HA-HA!)

I think he enjoys being creepy

That fucker on the left is ruining this photo.

I should've named this blog after Pete

I love this man. As Mighty Mos would say, me and Pete come out like strands on a double helix. Pete: I just made you famous on the Internet - you're soo welcome. See ya soon, buddy.

Snoop Dogg featuring...ROBYN?!

Don't act like you forgot about Robyn ("Show Me Love, Show Me Light!"). Moreover, don't act like you weren't pissing your pleated khakis when her songs came on at your crush's bat mitzvah party back in '97.
Anywho, Robyn is back and working the dance-pop circuit (and doing it quite well). She's on the official remix for Snoop's new jam, and it is (duh) a banger.

Snoop Dogg feat. Robyn - Sexual Eruption (Remix) [click here to download]

Round Table Knights

DJ/Producer duo from overseas, strongly influenced by the Baltimore sound/scene. Good schtuff.

Round Table Knights - Freak from Desire [click here to download]

Round Table Knights - Winter Mix '08 [click here to download]

Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon - "Love Me Sexy" (Semi-Pro)

Will Ferrell is like my T-Pain for movies: I don't care what crazy/awful shit he puts out, I'm still down. Semi-Pro comes out at the end of February, peep the trailer here.

VIDEO: Erykah Badu - "Honey"

Adam Tensta Triple-Feature

Addeboy vs. Cliff is a hot production team out of Sveeeeden, and are the beatmakers behind the recent success of Adam Tensta.
I don't read Perez Hilton, but Reez tipped me off that dude was promoting Adam Tensta on his/her site. Reez insists that he doesn't read PH, but come on Reez...
As much as I hate to support Perez's musical tastes (you'd be surprised just how much of an influence he is on the industry, albeit in short spurts), Tensta is the real deal.
I've posted two Adam Tensta videos (with audio for one of 'em), plus a remix. If you're like me and don't read celebrity "news," this should be your first time checking him out.

Adam Tensta - They Wanna Know [click here to download]

Adam Tensta - They Wanna Know (Jeansie Fix) [click here to download]

Only 64 days until...

Only 64 days until April 1, when Bun B's new set II Trill arrives. About time we had some Lone Star State love on the blog...

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Murs for President

Murs always comes out with great videos, and this new one for "Better Than the Best" continues the tradition. Fans of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out will go bananas for the second video ("Murray's Revenge"), from a few months back.

Uploaded by skaybn

Friday, January 25, 2008

My first remix - Talib Kweli, DDoff-style

A couple months back, I played around on GarageBand and made this remix to "Listen," by the incomparable Talib Kweli. I hope you like.
Shout-out to Busch, my GarageBand partner in crime.

Talib Kweli - Listen (DDoff Remix) [click here to download]

If you're not familiar with the normal version of "Listen," peep the video:

Repping the Holy Land

Dallas native Erykah Badu is playing in ISRAEL next weekend...check out that fresh Chamza
on the promo poster! Way to show love to The Tribe, Ms. Badu.
Shout-out to Simmy...stay safe, buddy.
Props to Okayplayer for the pic.

Another Weezy Remix

Remember when remixes were actual RE-mixes? Like a new beat and everything, not just a guest verse from Lil' Wayne and Fat Joe?

This one is a step in the right direction. New beat, and some new lyrics. And of course, a guest verse from Weezy F. Baby himself.

Trey Songz f/ Lil' Wayne - Can't Help But Wait (Official Remix) [click here to download]

"I did my best!"

Who cares if Dane Cook isn't music? Dude is funny. Not too down with that hand signal, though...

New Trina Remix

Ladies, I figured you'd like this one while you were getting ready for the weekend. Dudes, don't fuck with Trina.

This remix features up-and-comer Wes Fif -- I've included one of his tracks from a few months back in this post. Sounds like JT and Timbo's "My Love," with some more club-friendly synths.

Trina f/ Wes Fif - Single Again (Remix) [click here to download]

Wes Fif - Haterz Everywhere [click here to download]

EXTRA: New Gnarls album is DOPE

Last week, I was lucky enough to sit in on a listening session for the new Gnarls Barkley album. Fans of St. Elsewhere will love the new set, available in April, just the same. Peep this Billboard article for more info.

Flo Rida / Martin Brothers Mash-Up

Fact: DDoff loves the mash-up. For the best ones around, check out The Hood Internet (link is on the right side of the page, or just click here).

This dope track mashes Flo Rida and T-Pain's "Low" with the Martin Brothers "Stoopit." Mixed by Nick Catchdubs, reppin' the Yay Area like a bo$$.

Flo Rida f/ T-Pain - "Low (Nick Catchdubs Stoopit edit)" [click here to download]

Free Hot Chip Single

Get your Hot Chip on. Rhapsody -- sure, they're my competitor, but what can you do -- is (legally) giving away the title track from the new HC album, in stores Tuesday.
Shout-out to Shirpod, proud owner of the phattest Hot Chip Fillmore poster around.

Hot Chip - Made In The Dark [click here to download]

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Murphy Lee - Murph Derrty

Murphy Lee is still alive?

I can't hate on this one, it's fresh.

Murphy Lee - Murph Derrty [click here to download]

Shout out to Ike - I know you love this.

UPDATE: Uh-oh...


Weezy's in trouble again...Peep the story here.

UPDATE: Looks like dude is facing felony charges. Ch-check it out.


Do you like Clipse? Then you'll love the Cool Kids.

You might have caught the duo in the new Rhapsody commercial, with Sara Bareilles. I just caught their live show last week, and dudes is legit. Here's a bunch of tracks, plus the video for their first single "Black Mags" (which you can buy for just 99 cents, at a very special online music store...)

Cool Kids - One Two [click here to download]

Cool Kids - Flossin' [click here to download]

Cool Kids f/ Lil' Wayne - Gettin' It [click here to download]

Cool Kids - Gold With A Pager (Klever's Ride Big Remix) [click here to download]

Cool Kids - Gold With A Pager (Klever's Moon Walk Remix) [click here to download]

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

If you don't like this song, you never went to summer camp.

Claude Von Stroke and Christian Martin - Peanut Butter Jelly Time (Miami Doodoo bootleg) [click here to download]

If you haven't seen this video, you've been living under a rock. Had to include it in this post:

Cam'ron - "Pass Da Dutchie"

Killa Cam sampled Musical Youth for this re-hash (no pun intended) of "Pass The Dutchie," easily the best track from the Wedding Singer soundtrack.

Cam'Ron - "Pass Da Dutchie" [click here to download]

Nappy Boiiiiiii!

Those who've been around me lately know I have such a soft spot for T-Pain. Fool is so damn catchy!
This new joint from Rick Ro$$ features Teddy on the hook, and is invading a radio tuner near you.

Rick Ro$$ f/ T-Pain: "The Boss" [Click here to download]

BONUS: Flo Rida f/ T-Pain & Red Jumpsuit Apparatus: "Low" (Rock Remix!) [click here to download]

Props to Attorney St and Discobelle.

DOUBLE BONUS: Lil' Mama f/ T-Pain and Chris Brown: "Shawty Get Loose (Remix)" [click here to download]

You Heard It Here First - Duffy

I got pitched at work about Duffy, and have to say I am sold. She's like Amy Winehouse, minus the crack addiction and plus some wicked-good looks. I love how these sounds are so different, yet so similar at the same time. Album will be in stores later this year...

If you like it, peep her MySpace account by clicking here.

Mark Cuban says "the album is dead"

Everyone's (aka "my") favorite owner wrote an interesting piece about the state of the music industry. Click here to check it out...
Mr. Cuban happens to be quite the Applehead...but then again, isn't every super-tight dude one as well?

Can't get it outta your head?

So apparently, a woman got seizures every time she heard Sean Paul's "Temperature." Real f'n seizures. Hilarmo.

Fortunately, she had a special brain surgery and is now "cured." Peep the article here.

I want one!

MacBook Air. Down.

Killing Ringtone Rap, one lyric at a time...

Q-Tip's a legend. Lupe's a prophet (and how dope was that live show?!)

Colin Munroe - "I Want Those Flashing Lights"

This fool from Ottawa turned Yeezy's hit into an alt-pop gem:

(Click here to download the song)

Look at me, look at me!

Holy bejezus, I joined the blogosphere. My mission is plain & simple - if I'm digging something, it's going up on the blog. Props to Ike and Riese for mulling over the name of this blog for two hours with me -- as I'm sure you can tell, DDoff Daily is a deep metaphor with meanings far beyond your comprehension...ok, maybe not. Enough typing, let's post some shit.