Monday, June 30, 2008

VIDEO: The Black Ghosts - Repetition Kills You

Akon feat. Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand

I doubt this is official. And I HIGHLY doubt it is completely mastered. BUT...

Michael's got new music. So who gives a fuck?

Akon feat. Michael Jackson - Hold My Hand [click to download]

Kid Cudi feat. Wale - Is There Any Love?

Two of my fave emcees at the moment, on one track. Nice.

This is off A Kid Named Cudi, a mixtape which drops in a couple weeks.

Kid Cudi feat. Wale - Is There Any Love? [click to download]

UPDATE: The Cool Kids - Dinner Time

Hey, boo.

The Cool Kids - Dinner Time [click to download]

UPDATE: Get the entire 5-song EP here.

The Real: Hitting Roc Bottom

Hitting ROC Bottom from jeff on Vimeo.

Live from Glastonbury: Jay-Z does "Wonderwall," Amy Winehouse calls Kanye a "cunt"

First let's start with the good stuff. Jay-Z, amid tons of controversy (the first hip-hop act to ever headline the rock-heavy U.K. festival), shys the haters with "Wonderwall" and his remix to Estelle's "American Boy":

Meanwhile, Amy Winehouse elbowed someone in the front row and launched into a tirade about Kanye as she ended her set (article here):

"Let's hear it for Jay-Z. The man has got bollocks to come here, and play the tunes you don't even know you remember. Imagine if it was a cunt like Kanye West. 'Cunts Like Kanye' - that should be his next album title."

VIDEO: T.I. - No Matter What

Free [adult swim] Album

Get the album -- featuring Cool Kids, Hollywood Holt and more -- on

VIDEO: The Game feat. Travis Barker - Dope Boys

Get the audio here.

BONUS: The Game feat. Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Young Buck, Keyshia Cole and Queen Latifah - Game's Pain (Remix) [click to download]

Friday, June 27, 2008

VIDEO: Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

Diplo remixes the Black Ghosts

The Black Ghosts - Repetition (Diplo Remix) [click to download]

Nas Double-Post

First, a Mark Ronson-produced track featuring Busta. Then, Nasir's rebuttal to Fox News.

Nas feat. Busta Rhymes - Fried Chicken [Clean Version] [click to download]

Nas - Sly Fox [click to download]

Pacific Division's Big Mac Rap

Pacific Division - Big Mac Chant

Wow, Pac Div sold out before they sold anything...

Shout-out to Andrew, our rap about McDonald's is way better than this one.

VIDEO: Nappy Roots - Good Day

A-Trak feat. Kid Cudi - Me and My Sneakers

This is the real version of the A-Trak song I posted yesterday with Lupe on it. Dope as ever...

A-Trak feat. Kid Cudi - Me and My Sneakers [click to download]

Lil' Keke feat. Slim Thug, Tre & Paul Wall - Money In Tha City

It's only been a year since I left Texas, and there's already a H-Town somebody who I haven't heard of? Who the eff is Tre?

*UPDATE: Pete pointed out that I might have confused Tre with TRAE. Not the case. Tre is the one singing in the high now we know, this is clearly a new breed of Tre we're dealing with here. Thanks, Piz.

Lil' Keke feat. Slim Thug, Tre & Paul Wall - Money In Tha City [click to download]

Thursday, June 26, 2008

VIDEO: Rigas - Born Not to Run

Don't know much about Rigas, but I like it.

The BPA (feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal) - Toe Jam

I wonder how the censors at MTV would feel about this one.

A-Trak feat. Lupe Fiasco - Me and My Sneakers

A-Trak's new continuous mix is now available exclusively on iTunes. This track is on the mix and features Kid Cudi...this was the original track (apparently there were some clearance issues...).

A-Trak feat. Lupe Fiasco - Me and My Sneakers [click to download]

Is Hova looking to buy a piece of the Yankees?

Like Mr. Carter really needs another Yankees here.

David Banner feat. Lil Wayne - Shawty Say

Heard this on the radio last night. I can't believe they already sampled "Lollipop."

David Banner feat. Lil Wayne - Shawty Say [click to download]

Rick Ross - Cry

Ricky shouts out the tribe on his new joint:

"I'm getting Jew money, ya'll n*ggas is n*igger-rich..."

Rick Ross - Cry [click to download]

Jay Smooth: "Yes We Can" (George Carlin Remix)

Props to Jay for doing such a great job on this hilarious remix/parody of's Obama song.

Killer Mike - 10 G's

Anyone down for a Biggie sample?

Killer Mike - 10 G's [click to download]

Peter Rosenberg talks hip-hop with Kenny Smith

VIDEO: Talib Kweli - Eat to Live

A nice, conscious video from the best rapper of all time.

It took 5 months and 2 days...

...but we hit the 50,000 mark. Thanks to all you guys who check out DDoff Daily.

I have no idea what that picture is.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

VIDEO: Hercules and Love Affair - "You Belong"

Album in stores now. What up, Shirpod?

VIDEO: Sleeping Beauty - "City Lights"

Sleeping Beauty - City lights / Music video from Benjamin Taft on Vimeo.

Snatched from Kanye's blog. 'Cause, you know...we're best buds now and all.

Does The "New York Times" Have A Double Standard When It Comes To Hip-Hop Artists' Stage Names?

Idolator discusses the difference between aliases and nicknames in hip-hop:

Sam Sifton, the Times's culture editor, says that while such decisions are handled on a case-by-case basis, rap artists often get special treatment. "There's a big difference between [Houston rapper] Bun B and Tony Bennett," Sifton says, referring to Bernard Freeman and Anthony Dominick Benedetto, respectively. "Tony Bennett took a stage name, which I think is a little different from taking an alias. Someone like Jay-Z can be Mr. Carter, certainly, or he can just be Jay-Z, but he's never going to be Mr. Z.

Read here.

Common feat. Pharrell - Announcement

Another new joint from Com's upcoming LP, which just got pushed back :-(

Common feat. Pharrell - Announcement [click to download]

Mickey Factz- Incredible

This might be Mickey's best one yet.

"Sicker than a clitoris filled with real syphilis" - holy $h!t

Mickey Factz - Incredible [click to download]

Kanye West - Gotta Pose

An old, previously unreleased track from Yeezy. Holla at the same sample used in "I Changed My Mind."

Kanye West - Gotta Pose [click to download]

VIDEO: Wale - Artistic Integrity

From The Mixtape About Nothing.

Akon - Clap Again

This actually ain't that bad...

Akon - Clap Again [click to download]

Eve feat. Robin Thicke - Fantasy

I might have a bigger man-crush on Robin Thicke than I do on T-Pain.

Eve feat. Robin Thicke - Fantasy [click to download]

Coldplay makes DDoff and co-workers look good

Coldplay has the #1 album in the country. Big whoop, right? But check it:

Forty percent of "Viva La Vida" sales, 288,000 copies, were digital downloads, making it the biggest sales frame ever registered for a digital album. It surpasses the previous record, set earlier this year when Jack Johnson's "Sleep Through the Static" (139,000).

Read the rest here. The takeover continues...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Game feat. Travis Barker - Dope Boys

Via NahRight.

The Game feat. Travis Barker - Dope Boys [click to download]

VIDEO: Skillz feat. Talib Kweli - So Far So Good

VIDEO: Dwele - I'm Cheatin'

Album in stores today.

EW's Top 100 Albums of the Past 25 Years

Not that EW has a history of being right on these lists, but I had to comment on some of the more interesting rankings the mag made in their list of the best albums since 1983 -- known to DDoff as the "post-Thriller era."

Back to Black at #9? It's a bit early for that. Even if Amy overdoses this year and we hail her as one of those "what could've been" stars for the rest of eternity, you can't put "Rehab" this high and still have Jeff Buckley's Grace at, sir.

Cat Power two slots above The Marshall Mathers LP? I love ya, sweetie, but no.

T.I. feat. R. Kelly - Life of the Party

T.I. feat. R. Kelly - Life of the Party [click to download]

Jacob the Jeweler gets 30 months in prison

Can you ice out a prison cell? Hip-hop bling king Jacob the Jeweler has just been sentenced to two and a half years in the federal pen for lying to investigators looking into a multi-state drug ring.

Read all about it here.

TRAILER: DJ Screw Official Documentary

VIDEO: Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy (THE CARTOON!)

G-Unit feat. Mavado - Let It Go

As much as I dislike the G-Unit, they got Mavado on here so I'm down.

G-Unit feat. Mavado - Let It Go [click to download]

Lil Wayne - Never Get It

Produced by David Banner.
Lil Wayne - Never Get It [click to download]

Monday, June 23, 2008

Shaq's Kobe Diss

Is Phish reuniting...and with Steve Lillywhite?

Hmmm..let the "burning" questions begin. Billboard has all your answers here.

Shout-out to the infamous Piz, who will be catching Mike Gordon with me in August at Outside Lands.

VIDEO: Justin Nozuka - After Tonight (Live)

Just wanted to throw a quick curveball (aka a non-rap post) to tell you about this dude I saw open up for Eric Hutchinson last night (and if you're not up on your're a couple years late, sucka).

Like most guys I know, my interest in male singer-songwriters peaked when I was about 19, when I realized 90% of them sounded the same. There have still been, however, a few exceptions over the years -- Mr. Hutchinson being one of them -- and Justin Nozuka has been added to my short list.

Dude's CD dropped sometime last year, so if you already know about Nozuka, good for you. For those who haven't been graced with his presence, light up your scented candles and enjoy.

(YouTube won't let me embed the official video for this track, so click here to see the real thing.)

VIDEO: Diddy and Lil Wayne's Secrets to Success

T.I. - A Better Day

T.I. - A Better Day [click to download]

Cam'ron - My Aura

For all you Dipset-heads out there...

Cam'ron - My Aura [click to download]

Twista - Ain't It Man

Twista - Ain't It Man [click to download]

Alicia Keys feat. LL Cool J - Teenage Love Affair (Remix)

Produced by Swizz Beatz.

Alicia Keys feat. LL Cool J - Teenage Love Affair (Remix) [click to download]

Sebastian feat. Timbaland - Take It Off

Sebastian is Timbaland's younger brother. Guess who produced this one?

Sebastian feat. Timbaland - Take It Off [click to download]

Note to Ms. Winehouse: Crack is still whack

Apparently Amy has been diagnosed with emphysema, mostly due to the fact that she can't put down the pipe. Read all about it here.

I find it amazing (and have very little sympathy for) someone can have millions of dollars waved in her face, as long as she stays clean, and still decides to be a bum.

Vampire Weekend frontman used to be junior high teacher

Interesting feature here about Ezra Koenig's life as he balanced teaching 8th-grade English with leading Vampire Weekend to the top. Who says Teach for America isn't a road to victory?

Shout-out to Ely and the entire city of Compton.

VIDEO: "Can't Nobody Hold Me Download"

R.I.P. George Carlin

TRAILER: Lil' Wayne's "Carter" Documentary

Jay Smooth on the Buck/50 fiasco

Jay Smooth is hilarious.

Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy: Parts 1-3

In case you haven't been keeping up, here's the lowdown:

1. Ice-T tells Soulja to "eat a dick":

2. Soulja Boy laughs him off, but then gets serious (somewhere around the 4:15 mark):

3. Ice-T apologizes, but reminds Soulja to respect his history and quit being a little bitch:

VIDEO: Busta Rhymes Interview with DJ Semtex

Busta talks about Dr. Dre and Detox...and oh yeah, his own album as well.

VIDEO: Shawty Lo ft. Birdman, Rick Ross, Jim Jones & DJ Khaled - Foolish (Remix)

VIDEO: Lil' Mama feat. T-Pain - What It Is

Friday, June 20, 2008

Rappers in their contract year

As a string of high-profile hip-hop artists near the end of their record contracts, a question looming over their pending free agency isn't which major label they'll sign with but whether they should sign with a major at all.

Very interesting article covering this subject: OutKast, LL Cool J, and more. Read it here.

LL Cool J- Ridin' With the G.O.A.T.

Produced by DJ Scratch.

AUDIO: LL Cool J - Ridin' With the G.O.A.T. [click to download]

Ace Hood - You Already Know

Ace Hood - You Already Know [click to download]

Cory Gunz feat. Ryan Leslie - Get Rite Tonight

Cory is the son of Peter Gunz (remember this jam?), but is probably a better MC than his daddy.

Cory Gunz feat. Ryan Leslie - Get Rite Tonight [click to download]

In the spirit of all-things Gunz family, I offer you this classic:

Busta Rhymes - You Don't Want None

Produced by Focus, though it's a very Dre-influenced bass line.

Busta Rhymes - You Don't Want None [click to download]

Wale - Mr. Carter

Wale kills it on

Wale - Mr. Carter [click to download]

Ghostride the Whip!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

VIDEO: Kidz In The Hall - Drivin Down The Block (LIVE)

VIDEO: The Roots and Bun B in H-Town

Performing "Int'l Player's Anthem" at the Warehouse. Shyuh.

NEW Girl Talk Album - TODAY

Get it (for whatever price you want) right HERE.

50 Cent to change name to 79 Cent?

That's what Taco Bell wants: everybody's favorite 4th-meal spot has challenged Curtis to change his name for a day, rap his order into the drive-thru, and more, as part of a charity event. Read all about it here.

Tonight in Chicago

To my friends in the Chi...go check this out.

Boss Hogg Outlawz feat. Ray J - Keep It Playa

Slim Thuggaaaaaaaaa!

Boss Hogg Outlawz feat. Ray J - Keep It Playa [click to download]

Holly Rae feat. Sean Kingston - Off the Meter

I had to post this, only because of the Ace of Base sample. I've never used this term before, but I think it's appropriate: LMAO.

Holly Rae feat. Sean Kingston - Off the Meter [click to download]

David Banner feat. Nas - Middle Finger

David Banner feat. Nas - Middle Finger [click to download]

The Roots Interview with DJ Enuff, Pt. 2

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bonnaroo hates on Kanye

Here's just one of the many photos included from this article highlighting some of the "art" created after Kanye's set at Bonnaroo. Ouch...

Chalie Boy feat. Chamillionaire - Call Me

I don't know much about this dude Chalie Boy, but I'm down with anyone who keeps the Texas sound as real as this...already!

Chalie Boy feat. Chamillionaire - Call Me [click to download]

Josh Homme kicks out rowdy fan at Queens of the Stone Age Show

Hilar, hilar, hilar.

If you like Zoolander, and hate the Lakers...

Congrats to Paul, Kevin, Ray and company.

Bug flies into reporter's mouth...and the REMIX, bay-bay!

VIDEO: DJ Envy works out with LL Cool J

Think you can hang, T-Lo?

VIDEO: San Quinn - SF Anthem

I love the Tony Bennett sample. Do you see my apartment??

VIDEO: Diddy interview with Ellen

Watch Diddy go shot-for-shot with Ellen in a Ciroc taste test challenge. Hilarmo.

Mariah Carey feat. T.I. - I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time (Remix)

Mariah Carey feat. T.I. - I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time (Remix) [click to download]

Trailer: The Wackness

John Legend feat. Andre 3000 - Greenlight (FULL)

There are times when I feel guilty posting songs by artists whose work I truly respect. At the same time, some of these artists make material that is simply too amazing not to share. Case in point with "Greenlight," the first single from John Legend's new album (featuring Andre 3000).

Don't worry -- I've heard a lot of the new album, and Legend keeps it real and chill with his signature old-school approach...but the new direction he ventures toward with this particular song, although risky, is totally successful and (duh) DOPE. Go BUY his album when it hit stores this winter.

John Legend feat. Andre 3000 - Greenlight [click to download]